Why Rexus

Rexus Corporation was founded in 1989 with the intention of providing background screening which goes beyond the approach of merely checking items off a list, but, rather gives a more complete picture of a prospective employee. We investigate an application by talking to sources which can provide information to help a client determine if an applicant will be an asset to the organization. Our staff is trained in the importance of providing the most complete information to clients, while handling sensitive personal information in accordance with state and federal laws.

The thoroughness of the information reported is an important part of any background screening service. When verifying employment, contacts are made with the supervisors provided by the applicant to determine an overview of such things as job performance, interpersonal relations, and areas of expertise. Contact is also made with the Human Resources department to verify dates of employment, job title, and rehire eligibility. When researching criminal records, Rexus takes a hands-on approach that involves researchers directly examining the criminal records, rather than using a criminal database.

Rexus has many clients who have been with us since the company opened. Our attention to detail, personal service, and responsiveness to clients have been the keys to a loyal client base. We rise to the challenges of an ever-changing hiring market by answering questions promptly and providing solutions for your needs. Customer service is the highest priority at Rexus Corporation.

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What Sets Us Apart ?

  • Personal service
  • Reports tailored to client needs
  • Responsiveness to our clients
  • 25+ years of industry experience
  • Comprehensive reporting in compliance with local and federal laws
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