Bankruptcy, Civil & Credit Reports

Bankruptcy Search

National federal bankruptcy filings are searched for your applicant. This includes bankruptcy type (7, 11, or 13), any listed debtors, amount of liability, and date of filing.

County Civil Records Search

County civil court records are searched for civil litigation including lien and judgment filings involving an applicant. The searches are performed in the applicant’s county of residence and identify the plaintiffs, defendants, and liability amount.

Federal Civil Records Search

Federal civil search in the applicant’s known districts of residence to determine if the applicant was involved in federal civil litigation. The records often provide a name match only which may require additional investigation to determine whether or not the record matches the applicant. This search can be conducted nationally or by state.

Credit Check

Credit reports are obtained from a leading credit reporting agency. The report may contain information including the types of credit held by the applicant, total amount of indebtedness, current and previous delinquent accounts, accounts which have been charged off, liens, judgments, and collection accounts.

NOTE: In compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), clients must meet the permissible purposes of employment screening. Clients requesting credit must complete an application and agree to a third-party inspection of their office to comply with privacy and security compliance regulations.

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